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All Things Confetti

In recent years, the #confettimoment has become one of the most iconic moments of one's wedding day and it is quickly becoming one of the most requested and favourable shots for Photographers and Videographers to capture. Every single confetti moment picture we have seen is nothing less than stunning. The confetti moment captures all of the emotion and happiness of the newlyweds and the fact that their reactions' are so real and natural makes the photos all the more special.

We often get asked so many different questions about wedding confetti, so we have taken it upon ourselves to try and answer all of these in this blog. 

When is the best time to order confetti?
This is one of our most frequently asked questions. Our larkspur petals remain perfect for 12 months and you will be absolutely fine ordering this confetti months & months in advance before your wedding. Our roses and hydrangeas are a little bit different, and we recommend to send these out to you no earlier than 4 weeks before the big to avoid the colours fading and ruining. So, to answer the entire question, the perfect time to order your confetti is 4 weeks before the big day. However, we do offer a pre order service so you can pre order your confetti months or a year in advance and we will take this upon ourselves to move your order to our pre order file for 4 weeks before the big day. 

What petals are the best for throwing?
This is a very interesting question. We always advise Larkspur for throwing as the petals are smiler, lighter and there is much more in quantity. Our roses and hydrangeas are a lot bigger in size and therefore fall quicker, so we do not advice to just use roses or hydrangeas for throwing. We do advise if you would like the larger petals for confetti that you mix them with larkspur so you still get the most stunning confetti moment effect from the Larkspur with added boldness and dashes of colour from the larger petals. 

My colour scheme?
If you would like to match your confetti to your wedding theme colours, we always advise you to drop us a message and we will do our best to advise you of the best possible petal mixes that will suit your wedding theme the best. We also have a 'what's your colour theme?' link on our website www.confetti-cones.co.uk, where we've given our favourite choice of confetti petals for nearly every wedding colour scheme we can think of!

How many guests should I cater confetti for?
We always advise to cater confetti for half of your wedding guests. Not everyone will want to throw confetti, and there is no need to cater for every single person unless you would like to!

How may handfuls are in in 1 litre of confetti?
1 litre of confetti covers around 10 small handfuls. However, this is only an estimate as you should always bare in mind that your guests won't all have the same sized hands and some people may take bigger/smaller handfuls. This is why our cones are the perfect product to ensure that the confetti gets spread around evenly!

Do the cones come pre rolled?
All of our cones are made, personalised and rolled in our studio and are delivered to your door packaged perfectly!

How many litres of rose petals do I need to scatter down my aisle?
If this is a question that you need answering, we would advise you to drop us an email. Realistically, this all depends on how long your aisle is. 1 litre of rose petals will provide light scattering for 2 meters of the aisle, but remember this only covers one side of the aisle. To ensure both sides of the aisle are covered you would need 2 litres to cover 2 meters on each side!

Make your #weddingconfetti a must have, not a luxury!
*Money saving tip* On our website, we do some amazing package deals and for £40 you can purchase 2 litres of larkspur petals, 20 personalised cones and 1 stand. Shop now @ www.confetti-cones.co.uk

Below we have pieced together some of our favourite confetti moments that have been sent in by some of our lovely past customers. These pictures are a taster of how amazing your #confettimoment can look if you choose us to cater your confetti...

How to make a Wedding Flower Crown

This article is going to share and follow Christy Meisner Doramus's  step by step guide to create the most stunning yet easy Flower Crown; published in her book Flower Crowns: 30 Enchanting DIY Floral Creations. The following step by step guide has been cited from www.brides.com and the photos below are courtesy of Christy Meisner Doramus.

Step 1: Begin by cutting each of your flower and greenery stems about 2 to 3 inches long to make a pile of sprigs that will be woven into your flower crown.

Step 2: Measure the moss-covered florist wire to fit around your head and secure it in a circle by twisting the ends around each other. This piece will serve as the base of your crown.

Step 3: Attach the first sprig to the moss-covered florist wire with florist wire by wrapping the two together.

Step 4: Cover the florist wire with florist tape and wrap it around the first piece, leaving extra tape at the end to begin securing additional sprigs. Tip: The florist tape will stick together very easily so when you need a new piece, simply wrap it around the initial piece.

Step 5: Gather 1 to 3 additional sprigs of assorted flowers and greenery. Pinch them together and add to the growing strand by securing them to the moss covered wire with florist tape.

Step 6: Continue building your crown by adding flowers and greenery in small bundles while using your florist tape to wrap them around the growing strand.

Step 7: Once you have reached the desired length and design of your crown, begin to finish it by clipping the remaining stems so they are even.

Step 8: To create an even look on both ends of the crown, you can use a piece of greenery identical to the one you began with and turn it the opposite way, wrapping it to the end with florist tape to cover the ends of the stems.

Although flower crowns tie in perfectly with Boho wedding themes; you don't need to have a Marquee/Outside venue to embrace this look. Flower crowns are elegant and classy and can look amazing regardless of a theme! 

However, if you are going for this theme we think that our bespoke Boho Cones and Boho Envelopes will look stunning and timeless. We also recommend earthy coloured petals; such as Apple Blossom and Snow Drop hydrangeas, Champagne and A Hint of Pink rose petals and Cotton Candy and The Main Ingredient Larkspur confetti. Given that a Boho themed wedding will most probably contain lots of flowers and lots of floral decorations; we think that keeping the confetti as neutrally coloured as possible will give off the definite 'less is more' vibe. 

Barn Wedding

Barn Weddings have grown from strength to strength over the past few years in the UK and are now one of the most popular theme choices for weddings across Yorkshire and the rest of the country. Whether you are wanting a pretty and sophisticated vibe or a rustic and romantic theme with handmade and bespoke elements; barn weddings cater for it all. Here at The Confetti Cone Company we supply various personalised and handmade products that are designed to hold confetti in the most picturesque and practical way. Below we have showcased some of our top products that we recommend for Barn themed weddings...

In the top left display above, we present our stunning Kraft Lovebird Cones. Keeping the colour of the cones neutral and alike to the bricks, hay bales, and barn creates the most desirable rustic effect. In the bottom right we have presented our biodegradable Toffee Rose Petals; the colours within this wedding confetti tastefully tie in with the theme whilst also adding splashes of delicate, autumnal and earthy colours that really pop! Rose petals look stunning when scattered down aisles and walkways, and used for decoration purposes across tables. 

Our Kraft confetti Wands are another stunning confetti product that we recommend for Barn themed weddings. Hand your guests a wand, remove the lid and let them shower the couple with Larkspur biodegradable wedding confetti, casting a spell of love and keeping right on trend with the rustic theme!

Keeping in with the Kraft colour theme again, confetti envelopes are another exceptionally beautiful and personalised product to have at your barn wedding. Team the envelopes up with Cotton Candy Larkspur confetti and you are sure to capture the most picturesque confetti moment!!

Which confetti petals are the best choice for me?

All the confetti petals that we supply here at The Confetti Cone Company are 100% natural, dye-free and biodegradable. We supply Larkspur, Hydrangeas and Rose petals; three different types of confetti which look amazing on their own and equally as fabulous mixed together. However, it is important to take into consideration what purpose the confetti will serve at your wedding or event in order to find the perfect confetti for you.

Larkspur Petals:

If you are looking for confetti for your wedding guests to throw, Larkspur is the petal choice for you. We always recommend Larkspur over roses and hydrangeas for throwing, as the confetti is really light and therefore stays in the air longer and creates the most perfect 'confetti moment' picture. Larkspur petals are naturally dried and are fine for around 12 months as they remain in the same condition for this period of time! 

Rose Petals:

Although roses are heavier than Larkspur petals and therefore fall quicker, this doesn't mean that we don't recommend them for throwing. By blending a ratio of 30% roses to 70% Larkspur, we create the most picturesque mix of confetti and therefore you get the best of both worlds. You are still able to get the fantastic 'confetti moment' picture with the Larkspur petals, whilst the roses add boldness and splashes of colour to the mix. 

We also recommend rose petals for decoration if that is what you are wanting your confetti for. They look simply stunning scattered down the aisle and walkways or decorated on tables! 

*Top Tip*
If you are wanting rose petals for throwing without any mix of Larkspur, if you ask the wedding photographer to throw the roses infront of the camera you can create a stunning confetti moment picture like this below!


Hydrangeas are a very delicate and beautiful petal and is very current within the wedding industry at this moment in time. Likewise to roses, we suggest a 30% ratio to 70% Larkspur if you are wanting to use this confetti for throwing, however hydrangeas look amazing when decorated down aisles and decorated on tables. Hydrangeas are perfect if you are wanting the boldness of a larger petal but desiring something a little different to roses! Below are some pictures of hydrangeas mixed with Larkspur and roses.

How to Compliment your Confetti to your Wedding Bouquet

The wedding bouquet is a central part of every Bride's special day. 

When you have found the right colour, style and size of the bouquet it is then time to think about the confetti. 

Whether you are wanting to tie all of the wedding colour themes into the confetti colour choice or use a completely contrasting colour so the confetti really pops on the wedding photographs, it is integral to plan and compliment the wedding confetti to the wedding bouquet.

Summer weddings of 2017 colour trends are blues, peaches, dusky rose, pinks, greys and purples according to 'wedding forward'. Below we have created some confetti inspiration to showcase our confetti and hopefully help you decide what kind of colours suit your colour themes.

With a peach bouquet we recommend very natural and earthy colours such as: Snow Drop, A Hint of Pink or Apple Blossom roses. Individually or grouped together, these rose petals will really compliment all of the colours within the peach flower arrangements.

To contrast against a peach bouquet, we recommend Ocean hydrangea's or Mr Popular Larkspur, as the blue tones really pop and work perfectly against the peach tones whilst also keeping on trend with the summer 2017 wedding colours.  

With grey flowers we recommend any white or blue tones as they will collaborate perfectly with the colour of the bouquet. We think that Amethyst Flake, Ocean, Mr Grey, The Main Ingredient or Snow Drop work effortlessly alongside grey tones.

To contrast against a grey boutique we think that either red or yellow tones would look fabulous by adding brightness to a very classic and simplistic colour theme. Both: Roses are Red or Sunshine Yellow rose petals would really stand out against the colour grey, without taking too much attention and focus away from the grey tones within the bouquet.