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Wooden Pallet Wedding

All over the internet, you see so many different pictures of wooden pallets being reclaimed into new, exciting objects. DIYers are constantly making new uses out of pallets, and because they are so cheap to buy and so versatile, many different people have begun undertaking their own unique projects.

We LOVE the idea of handmade weddings and all things bespoke and beautiful. Barn weddings and venues outdoors seem to really take on this vintage look, and we think it looks amazing.
If you know of a handyman; or if you yourself are a handy woman, set yourself a challenge. Wooden pallets can literally be used for anything and everything; and we think what better way than to incorporate these creations into your wedding. Bonus- they are cheap to buy and can then be either reused or sold after you no longer need/want them.

Here are our top 5 picks of amazing pallet creations that we think would look stunning at weddings, so why not try and recreate them yourself! Just a little wedding inspiration for you...

1. Wooden Bar

So many people are making wooden bars in their gardens at home; can you actually imagine something better than having your own bar in your back yard!!
We think that making a wooden bar for your wedding would seriously look incredible; especially within a marquee. We also recommend to weave some fairy lights in and out of the pallets to give off the rustic/romantic vibe that you are after!
There are so many youtube tutorials that will help guide you to create a wooden bar! Also, after you've used it at your wedding, you can bring it back home and put it in your garden and shelter it with a wooden gazebo. This would be perfect for summer evenings! 

2. Wooden Photo Frame 

How stunning does this wooden photo frame look! You could either place photos of you are your partners life together; holidays, celebrations, engagement... 
Or you could place a polaroid camera next to the photo frame, so perhaps instead of a guest book, get everyone to take their own picture and place it on the crate with a personalised message on the back. This way, you can take the wooden photo frame home after the wedding!!

3. Wooden Sign

This wooden sign is super easy to make, even for all of you whom DIY isn't one of your strong points, and it doesn't have to be made perfect and straight to look amazing.
We also think that you could use this personalised wooden sign as a keepsake after your wedding; after all, what better way of remembering your special day when you're older than looking back at such sentimental memorabilia!

4. Wooden Settee

A little more advanced than the wooden sign but hey! If you're really getting into the idea of wooden pallet creations, set yourself another challenge. Again, all tutorials regarding making these wooden objects are all on youtube and blogs! Decorate with real seating cushions, throws and pillows. We think this looks unbelievable. 

5. Wooden Flower Centre Pieces 

We are lusting over these wooden pallets used as flower holders for table centrepieces. You could buy these wooden boxes from garden centres or online. Hand paint these crates with your names and wedding date; or another suggestion, you could personalise the crates with the names of the guests on that specific table.