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Honeymoon Planning

Honeymoon planning is the most amazing thing to do. There is nothing more exciting than deciding which part of the world you and your other half are going to visit as a newly married couple and kick start your happy journey as man and wife. 
After all of the mixed emotions of happiness, nervousness and stress that planning a wedding generates and then actually getting married, the honeymoon is a sweet haven where you can just simply look forward to relaxing and spending quality time together.
Most people will only experience a honeymoon once in their life, so it's important to do it right. Whether you are lusting for luxury, adventure, or a place you can enjoy as an entire family; it's so crucial to ensure you know exactly what you're after so you can start looking for the perfect destination that will fulfil all of your needs. Also, deciding when you are going to take your honeymoon is really important; if you've got enough money to go straight after the wedding then that’s fabulous, but most of you newly weds may want to consider going several months later so you have enough time to save money!
We're going to give you 3 top destinations that we think are great locations to take your honeymoon.
1. Maldives:

Although the Maldives is very expensive, it's a dream destination in the world where you need to visit. It has everything you need to make the perfect, tranquil escape for you and your partner. Whether you visit the glowing beach, spend quality time together in a spa, spend each night at a different island, swim with all the tropical: fishes, turtles and sharks or just simply relax in your water bungalow... The Maldives has everything needed for a perfect honeymoon. 

2. Rome:

If you're more of a European, city couple who like to get up and go on your vacation and explore your surroundings and embrace the culture of a place; then why not honeymoon in Rome. You will still experience the romance needed for your honeymoon, but you will do so in a busy, and vibrant city. Rome is full of history; there are so many momentous places to visit, from museums to coliseums to modern bars and cafe's... it really has it all. 

3. African Safari

According to https://www.africaodyssey.com/africa-honeymoon, 'Africa is an outstanding honeymoon destination.  There is nowhere else in the world where you can experience such phenomenal game-viewing and beautiful African wilderness, just a short hop away from a glorious Indian Ocean beach where a sunlounger with your name on it awaits you...   This combination of adventure and relaxation is a perfect antidote to all the stress of a wedding, and an unforgettable shared experience to kick off married life'.