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The Wedding Cake

After all the stress of finding the perfect venue, choosing the right dress and the endless decisions concerning colour themes, details and decoration, finding the perfect wedding cake is a little slice of heaven. Name something better than sampling a wide range of delicious cakes? Finding the right cake can be so much fun, but there is a lot more to think about than first meets the eye. 

According to Martha Stewart, you should purchase the wedding cake 6 months before the big day, so it is best to start deciding on flavours and decoration as soon as you choose the venue! The cakes aesthetics should match the theme of the wedding, so creating mood boards and searching for pictures of different styles of wedding cakes really, really helps bring all of your visions to life! Ron Ben-Israel, a famous wedding-cake designer states that the Bride and Groom can take inspiration from the location of the wedding, the menu from the wedding and also fashion, to create the most perfect cake for them.

If you're having an abroad wedding in the Caribbean, you might want to interpret coconut flavours and have the decoration very white and pristine..

However if it's an Indian or Asian wedding, you might want to go for vibrant colours and flavours such as ginger, to feature all of the boldness and brightness from the wedding. 

There is so much thought to go into picking what kind of style wedding cake you would like, before you even choose the right wedding cake maker for you.This is why we're going to give a few ideas and inspiration of different kinds of wedding cakes and replacement ideas that will hopefully help you in your wedding cake quest. 

1. Chocolate Cake:

If a traditional, fruit and iced wedding cake just isn't for you, why not opt for an alternative chocolate cake. Just because a chocolate cake doesn't necessarily fit the 'tradition', it will certainly be one of the most tasty and delicious cakes that your wedding guests have ever had!

2. Cupcake Wedding Cake:

Why not try a cake full of cupcakes! The perfect size for children and also perfect for a dainty treat after everyone has finished their meals. This way, the cupcakes can be taken home by the guests as little wedding favours!

3. Cheese Cake:

If you haven't got a sweet tooth and a wedding cake just doesn't do it for you, why not try a cheese stand 'cake'. This way, everyone can still have their desired desserts and the cheese stand will serve for a more savoury taste after everyone has eaten.