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The Perfect Wedding Shoes

Choosing the perfect wedding shoes is never an easy decision. It involves so much more thought than you first anticipate. You need to ensure the shoes are the right height for your wedding dress and the right size and shape, they are the right colour so they don't clash with your dress or wedding theme, they are comfortable enough to wear for the entire day and of course you need to consider the price! 

Elegantsteps.co.uk advise brides to be prepared to spend 10-15% of the value of their wedding dress on their bridal shoes. However, whatever your budget is and however much you intend to spend on your wedding shoes, we are going to share with you 4 top tips to consider to make finding the right shoes for you easy, helpful and fun!!

1. Height of the heels

Our best advice to you is stick to what you're comfortable with. If you never wear high heels, why wear them on your wedding day? Remember you will be walking around all day and dancing through all of the night! There are some beautiful ballet styled pumps out there that look stunning!

This doesn't mean to say that you shouldn't wear high heels on your wedding day because they aren't the most comfortable choice of footwear! Both midi heels and high heels look amazing, and if you're used to wearing heels or feel confident in wearing them, 100% go for it. Try on both high and midi heels before the big day and see what your most comfortable in wearing for the longest period of time. Tip: wearing heels elongate one's legs, so if your wearing a shorter dress or just simply want to look slightly taller, heels will give this amazing illusion! 

2. Designer vs High street

Don't be fooled into thinking that you won't be able find a stunning pair of shoes without breaking your bank! If you can afford the luxury of designer heels, wonderful! if you can't and you're on a budget, don't worry! There are so many high street shops that sell gorgeous, special occasion shoes for a fraction of designer prices. Check out ASOS, Office, Dune, River Island and Top Shop. These shoes below are ASOS and retailed at £40. 

A lot of brides are willing to pay the cost of wearing designer shoes, because although high street heels can look just as beautiful; they are made with cheaper material and therefore can be uncomfortable and prone to breaking. Also, many brides want to keep their heels as a type of memorabilia of their special day. We recommend to look at Jimmy Choo, Sophia Webster and Christian Louboutin. Their heels are stunning and angelic; the perfect shoes for a perfect day.

3. Destination of the venue

We can't stress enough how to firstly take into consideration the venue of your wedding before you start planning your shoes. We know that brides can often get caught up in the excitement of shoe shopping for your special day, but you will be really unimpressed if you spend £600 on a pair of Jimmy Choo's and your entire day is spent stood in a field for your Barn Themed Wedding. Also, many venues don't allow stiletto heels on their dance floor, so it's super important to check all of these details before buying your dream shoes. Top tip: If you have your heart set on a pair of heels for your wedding, you can always take a back up pair! If you aren't allowed stiletto heels, why not take a pair of ballet pumps. If you're having a barn wedding, why not take some wellies!

4. The Colour of the Dress

Your wedding dress will most probably be some shade of white. Whether you have gone traditional with an ivory silk or satin dress or totally strayed away and embraced a current fashion trend or interpreted your own personal style into your dress, you really need to coordinate your dress to your shoes. Our best guide to you is compliment your shoes to your dress! This doesn't mean stick with traditional white shoes, go as wild as your heart contents. If you want pink wedding shoes, go for it! Just make sure that the shoes completely compliment the dress. If the dress is white and simplistic, why not go all out with embellished and rhinestoned gold heels or red shoes! If your dress is big and embellished, keeping the wedding heels a neutral or nude colour with minimalistic detail will match perfectly.