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Which confetti petals are the best choice for me?

All the confetti petals that we supply here at The Confetti Cone Company are 100% natural, dye-free and biodegradable. We supply Larkspur, Hydrangeas and Rose petals; three different types of confetti which look amazing on their own and equally as fabulous mixed together. However, it is important to take into consideration what purpose the confetti will serve at your wedding or event in order to find the perfect confetti for you.

Larkspur Petals:

If you are looking for confetti for your wedding guests to throw, Larkspur is the petal choice for you. We always recommend Larkspur over roses and hydrangeas for throwing, as the confetti is really light and therefore stays in the air longer and creates the most perfect 'confetti moment' picture. Larkspur petals are naturally dried and are fine for around 12 months as they remain in the same condition for this period of time! 

Rose Petals:

Although roses are heavier than Larkspur petals and therefore fall quicker, this doesn't mean that we don't recommend them for throwing. By blending a ratio of 30% roses to 70% Larkspur, we create the most picturesque mix of confetti and therefore you get the best of both worlds. You are still able to get the fantastic 'confetti moment' picture with the Larkspur petals, whilst the roses add boldness and splashes of colour to the mix. 

We also recommend rose petals for decoration if that is what you are wanting your confetti for. They look simply stunning scattered down the aisle and walkways or decorated on tables! 

*Top Tip*
If you are wanting rose petals for throwing without any mix of Larkspur, if you ask the wedding photographer to throw the roses infront of the camera you can create a stunning confetti moment picture like this below!


Hydrangeas are a very delicate and beautiful petal and is very current within the wedding industry at this moment in time. Likewise to roses, we suggest a 30% ratio to 70% Larkspur if you are wanting to use this confetti for throwing, however hydrangeas look amazing when decorated down aisles and decorated on tables. Hydrangeas are perfect if you are wanting the boldness of a larger petal but desiring something a little different to roses! Below are some pictures of hydrangeas mixed with Larkspur and roses.