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Our Little celebrity surprise!

A few weeks ago we received a phone call from a lovely lady called Sarah Needs. Sarah rang to say she had to get together confetti and cones for her friends wedding. After around 20 minutes we finally decided upon a beautiful mixture of colours and cones and her order was placed. 
Days passed and Sarah rang again to tell us she loved the confetti and wanted to order more. Another order went out and we felt that Sarah was a very special friend to make sure everything was perfect when it came to the confetti. 
We wished them well and thought that would be the end of it...

Yesterday we received this surprise email from Sarah....
Subject- Wedding of Harry Needs and Rebecca Adlington

Hi Beki

I would like to Thank you for the beautiful confetti supplied by you for my sons wedding on the 31st August 2014. Some photos of the confetti throwing have already been shown by Hello magazine this week if you can ? please take a look . 

Thank you once again

Sarah Needs

What a complete shock for us and definitely an email we will always remember! Sarah was in fact not only the Bride and Grooms friend but their Mum, no wonder she wanted to make sure it was perfect! 
The confetti cone company has always dreamed of showering our confetti over some high profile names and for  the first one, that we know of, to be a Team GB Olympic Gold medalist is even better then we could of ever imagined, and to see it in "Hello" magazine is like a dream come true!
We love to see our confetti in action and it always makes our day when you send us your photos so please always share them.
A massive congratulations to Harry and Rebecca who both looked amazing on the day and if you can make a purchase of "Hello" magazine to see the full story then please do as its absolutely beautiful!