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I've been well and truly Inspired!

Its not like me to write at the weekend but I had to update you all with this!

Ok, so ive just put my copy of inspired weddings magazine down and I had to write about it and tell you all why it’s so wonderful and why you have to go and buy this magazine.

From the moment you pick it up you get a feeling of a good quality high priced glossy which lets admit it are usually half full of advertisements of dresses and accessories we cant all afford. Then you see the price tag of only £3.50 and you think wow, that’s dead reasonable so you rush to the counter to pay for your new planning purchase.
Once you open it up to take a look there’s no way your disappointed by what this quartile magazine has to offer. Like some of the other more informative and inspiring ideas magazines on the market this is definitely up there with the best.
It is split up into seven sections ranging from style ideas, health and beauty to honeymoon and venues. Everything is covered and you’ll be bursting with ideas after you’ve had a look.
I loved the real weddings section that had four very different and unique styles that were bang on trend and would inspire any Bride-to-be.
Throughout all their style ideas and fashion accessories I loved how they have covered all of peoples budgets and not just shown the expensive side of everything while still maintaining standards but thinking for the everyday bride.
What was particularly refreshing was their younger bridesmaid and mother of the bride section, something I feel some other magazines miss out.

To sum up Inspire weddings magazine I think Louise and her team have created a fantastic magazine that is not only attractive to look at but realistic to the everyday Bride-to-be that’s trying to create the perfect wedding, with just enough information but without filling it with expensive adverts its gives you the fantastic combination of style and affordability.
An amazing first issue that they should all be very proud of, I cannot wait to see what they have in store for their Spring issue.

Remember if you live in the UK and are unable to purchase a copy of Inspire weddings magazine then you can download a copy from I tunes straight onto your smart phone or Ipad etc for only £2.75