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Wedding Hair

You might want to stick with your own hairdresser whom you know and trust for your special day, or you may want to find a totally different hair stylist who specialises in bridal hair. It's so important to find a hair stylist who can bring all your hair visions to life.

Most brides wear their hair up; it's tradition and many women love the idea of sticking to tradition especially on their wedding day. However, if you never wear your hair up or just in general prefer your hair when it's bouncy and flowing; there are so many stunning bridal hair ideas for wearing your hair down. If you don't feel comfortable with your hair pinned up or tied straight back, go for slick curls, messy waves or a half up half down style. Below we've put together some gorgeous bridal hair inspiration for you...

Always remember, you can style your hair with diamante clips, flowers or veils. 

Bridesmaid Dresses

Although you may plan in your head exactly how you envision your bridesmaids to look and what kind of dresses and colours you want them in; it doesn't always go that way.

You have to cater for all of your birdesmaids' style, size, shape and preferences and this can be a very difficult challenge. What one bridesmaid may love, another bridesmaid may feel completely uncomfortable in. This is why it is so important to create mood boards, find inspiration from social media and look at a wide range of different dresses; also speak to all of your bridesmaids and get ideas of what their ideal dress would be.

You also may want to consider if you're going to have all of your bridesmaids in the same dress, similar dresses or totally different dresses. 

We've put together some ideas that we love to help give you some inspiration that will hopefully aid you in your hunt for the perfect bridesmaid dresses.

Keep your bridesmaid dresses blush or neutral tones so they pop against your bridal gown without taking too much attention away. An important thing to consider is the price of the gowns; if you have 10 or more bridesmaids, you need to find a dress that not only every single bridesmaid will wear, but also that will fit in with the budget.

TIP: ASOS do some stunning bridesmaid dresses & are retailed at very affordable prices. Make sure you don't overlook high street stores for bridesmaid dresses, as they often do the most beautiful and fashionable dresses at a fraction of designer prices. 

This dress below is retailed at £55 on ASOS

These 'TFNC Wedding' bridesmaid dresses below are also sold on ASOS and start from £65 onwards...

Wooden Pallet Wedding

All over the internet, you see so many different pictures of wooden pallets being reclaimed into new, exciting objects. DIYers are constantly making new uses out of pallets, and because they are so cheap to buy and so versatile, many different people have begun undertaking their own unique projects.

We LOVE the idea of handmade weddings and all things bespoke and beautiful. Barn weddings and venues outdoors seem to really take on this vintage look, and we think it looks amazing.
If you know of a handyman; or if you yourself are a handy woman, set yourself a challenge. Wooden pallets can literally be used for anything and everything; and we think what better way than to incorporate these creations into your wedding. Bonus- they are cheap to buy and can then be either reused or sold after you no longer need/want them.

Here are our top 5 picks of amazing pallet creations that we think would look stunning at weddings, so why not try and recreate them yourself! Just a little wedding inspiration for you...

1. Wooden Bar

So many people are making wooden bars in their gardens at home; can you actually imagine something better than having your own bar in your back yard!!
We think that making a wooden bar for your wedding would seriously look incredible; especially within a marquee. We also recommend to weave some fairy lights in and out of the pallets to give off the rustic/romantic vibe that you are after!
There are so many youtube tutorials that will help guide you to create a wooden bar! Also, after you've used it at your wedding, you can bring it back home and put it in your garden and shelter it with a wooden gazebo. This would be perfect for summer evenings! 

2. Wooden Photo Frame 

How stunning does this wooden photo frame look! You could either place photos of you are your partners life together; holidays, celebrations, engagement... 
Or you could place a polaroid camera next to the photo frame, so perhaps instead of a guest book, get everyone to take their own picture and place it on the crate with a personalised message on the back. This way, you can take the wooden photo frame home after the wedding!!

3. Wooden Sign

This wooden sign is super easy to make, even for all of you whom DIY isn't one of your strong points, and it doesn't have to be made perfect and straight to look amazing.
We also think that you could use this personalised wooden sign as a keepsake after your wedding; after all, what better way of remembering your special day when you're older than looking back at such sentimental memorabilia!

4. Wooden Settee

A little more advanced than the wooden sign but hey! If you're really getting into the idea of wooden pallet creations, set yourself another challenge. Again, all tutorials regarding making these wooden objects are all on youtube and blogs! Decorate with real seating cushions, throws and pillows. We think this looks unbelievable. 

5. Wooden Flower Centre Pieces 

We are lusting over these wooden pallets used as flower holders for table centrepieces. You could buy these wooden boxes from garden centres or online. Hand paint these crates with your names and wedding date; or another suggestion, you could personalise the crates with the names of the guests on that specific table.

Honeymoon Planning

Honeymoon planning is the most amazing thing to do. There is nothing more exciting than deciding which part of the world you and your other half are going to visit as a newly married couple and kick start your happy journey as man and wife. 
After all of the mixed emotions of happiness, nervousness and stress that planning a wedding generates and then actually getting married, the honeymoon is a sweet haven where you can just simply look forward to relaxing and spending quality time together.
Most people will only experience a honeymoon once in their life, so it's important to do it right. Whether you are lusting for luxury, adventure, or a place you can enjoy as an entire family; it's so crucial to ensure you know exactly what you're after so you can start looking for the perfect destination that will fulfil all of your needs. Also, deciding when you are going to take your honeymoon is really important; if you've got enough money to go straight after the wedding then that’s fabulous, but most of you newly weds may want to consider going several months later so you have enough time to save money!
We're going to give you 3 top destinations that we think are great locations to take your honeymoon.
1. Maldives:

Although the Maldives is very expensive, it's a dream destination in the world where you need to visit. It has everything you need to make the perfect, tranquil escape for you and your partner. Whether you visit the glowing beach, spend quality time together in a spa, spend each night at a different island, swim with all the tropical: fishes, turtles and sharks or just simply relax in your water bungalow... The Maldives has everything needed for a perfect honeymoon. 

2. Rome:

If you're more of a European, city couple who like to get up and go on your vacation and explore your surroundings and embrace the culture of a place; then why not honeymoon in Rome. You will still experience the romance needed for your honeymoon, but you will do so in a busy, and vibrant city. Rome is full of history; there are so many momentous places to visit, from museums to coliseums to modern bars and cafe's... it really has it all. 

3. African Safari

According to https://www.africaodyssey.com/africa-honeymoon, 'Africa is an outstanding honeymoon destination.  There is nowhere else in the world where you can experience such phenomenal game-viewing and beautiful African wilderness, just a short hop away from a glorious Indian Ocean beach where a sunlounger with your name on it awaits you...   This combination of adventure and relaxation is a perfect antidote to all the stress of a wedding, and an unforgettable shared experience to kick off married life'.

The Wedding Cake

After all the stress of finding the perfect venue, choosing the right dress and the endless decisions concerning colour themes, details and decoration, finding the perfect wedding cake is a little slice of heaven. Name something better than sampling a wide range of delicious cakes? Finding the right cake can be so much fun, but there is a lot more to think about than first meets the eye. 

According to Martha Stewart, you should purchase the wedding cake 6 months before the big day, so it is best to start deciding on flavours and decoration as soon as you choose the venue! The cakes aesthetics should match the theme of the wedding, so creating mood boards and searching for pictures of different styles of wedding cakes really, really helps bring all of your visions to life! Ron Ben-Israel, a famous wedding-cake designer states that the Bride and Groom can take inspiration from the location of the wedding, the menu from the wedding and also fashion, to create the most perfect cake for them.

If you're having an abroad wedding in the Caribbean, you might want to interpret coconut flavours and have the decoration very white and pristine..

However if it's an Indian or Asian wedding, you might want to go for vibrant colours and flavours such as ginger, to feature all of the boldness and brightness from the wedding. 

There is so much thought to go into picking what kind of style wedding cake you would like, before you even choose the right wedding cake maker for you.This is why we're going to give a few ideas and inspiration of different kinds of wedding cakes and replacement ideas that will hopefully help you in your wedding cake quest. 

1. Chocolate Cake:

If a traditional, fruit and iced wedding cake just isn't for you, why not opt for an alternative chocolate cake. Just because a chocolate cake doesn't necessarily fit the 'tradition', it will certainly be one of the most tasty and delicious cakes that your wedding guests have ever had!

2. Cupcake Wedding Cake:

Why not try a cake full of cupcakes! The perfect size for children and also perfect for a dainty treat after everyone has finished their meals. This way, the cupcakes can be taken home by the guests as little wedding favours!

3. Cheese Cake:

If you haven't got a sweet tooth and a wedding cake just doesn't do it for you, why not try a cheese stand 'cake'. This way, everyone can still have their desired desserts and the cheese stand will serve for a more savoury taste after everyone has eaten.