£2.75 Each
Vogue Confetti wand
Label Choice
Initials & date of the wedding
Petal Choice (Up to 5 Colours)

After the huge success of our other Vogue products like our cones and envelopes, we felt it was only right if we launched a range of wands to complete our Vogue range.

Personalised with your initials and the date of the wedding, each wand comes already pre-filled and ready to use.
You can choose up to 5 colours from our larkspur confetti below and we will mix them and pack them in ready for you.

We advise to use the wands by removing the lid (be careful not to let any petals fall out), hold the wand at head height, point the wand at the happy couple and cast your arm froward to watch the petals shower a spell of LOVE, LUCK AND HAPPINESS over the newly weds!

TIP: If you are wanting to order a large number of wands, for example 73, just simply add 1 wand to your basket and change the quantity to 73!


Why not add some stands to your order to hold your confetti wands?

Our stands are retailed at only £6.50 each and hold 20 wands or cones per 1 stand!