Introducing our new range of Non-Personalised Confetti Jars featuring our mix of 100% biodegradable 'Wildflower' confetti!

Our new product comes in 2 colours and 2 fonts and is ideal for throwing confetti at events like weddings.

Font 1 is a very fancy and elegant font,                                 
perfect for those more formal events.                      Remember!        

                                 This product is a Non-Personalised item                           
                                      with only one petal choice. For a more 
                                      customisable product, be sure to check
                                 out the other products available on our
In comparison to our first font choice, 
Font 2 is a more modernised font in a handwritten style.

If you need to purchase an odd number of envelopes then simply pop "one" envelope in your basket and then change the QTY at checkout. 
For example, You need 66 envelopes, pop "one" in your basket and change the number to 66 at checkout, the price will automatically change to cover the qty needed.