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Founded in 2009 by Beki D'Arcy, The Confetti Cone Company has grown in ways never thought possible. What started as a small business from home has expanded to a worldwide success.

The confetti cone company Beki

As the founder of TCCC Beki's knowledge of anything confetti is pretty much Grade A. Beki is usually foreseeing everything in the studio, from cone rolling, petal mixing, emailing and designing she will always be making sure every customer receives their order in time and to the best standard possible.

The confetti cone company JaneJANE 
Jane is one of the longest running members of the team and a trusty holder of the secret of cone rolling (Its not as easy as you would think to create the perfect cone!) We like to call her Chief coner / CSI Jane as she is very knowledgeable.

The confetti cone company Chev
Chev as we like to call her is also one of our chief coners in the studio. Chev is always full of creative ideas and loves anything Confetti! She also makes a good cuppa. 

The confetti cone company mollie
Mollie is one of the youngest members of our team but her age does not stop her from being a little confetti wiz! Mollie is usually found with lots of confetti envelopes around her, they're her speciality.

The confetti cone company shelley
One of our newest members to the team, Shelley loves all things confetti, from wands to envelopes she is always on hand to take on any challenge.

The confetti cone company megan
Megs is our social media queen. She can usually be found uploading pictures and posting on Facebook, we didn't know what a # was until Megan came along. #socialmediaqueen

IMG 5657 copy beth
Beth has been a great addition to our team over the summer, you can usually find Beth filling up lots of sample packs and with a role of double sided tape in her hand.

the confetti cone company

Once upon a time all our cones were rolled on a dinning room table but due to the business growing so big over the last couple of years this meant we were finally able to open up our own work studio 
(plus I got my dinning room table back!)

the confetti cone company the confetti cone company wedding suppliers

Back in 2006 Beki D’Arcy began designi
Our Studio is open Monday - Friday 9.30am - 4pm 
The office is very much a working studio and we are not able to make orders while you wait but you are more then welcome to come and visit us for ideas, samples or to pick up orders and meet these crazy but amazing girls. 
confetti suppliers

confetti suppliers
ng and creating wedding stationery  from her house in South Yorkshire. What started as a hobby soon became a small success, something she could fit in while concentrating on her growing family. In 2009 Beki designed her first personalised confetti cone and decided to add it to her website. These confetti cones became an overnight success and were very quickly selling more then her wedding invitations. With this in mind she thought that maybe it would be a good idea to give the cones some
extra attention and started to design more personalised and vintage confetti  cones and sell them at what she believed to be affordable prices. She decided to create a website that was just for the confetti cones and ta da…
                        “The confetti cone company” was born!
  The next step was to put something in these cones? Beki searched for a supplier who provided fantastic quality confetti petals and based in the UK. Very soon she added rose, hydrangea and peony petals to her company so Brides and Grooms (and mother –in-laws) could get everything they needed from one site. So for the last 4 years “The confetti Cone Company” has grown and grown providing personalised affordable confetti cones all over the world. What the next 4 years may bring is unsure but very exciting!
“my work never feels like work, I always feel excited to get up in the morning and see what the day may bring”

                                  - Beki D’Arcy