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Make your own Hen Party Bag

Our inspiration for this week's blog has come from some Hen Party Bags we keep seeing all over social media. Although we can't supply these ourselves, we thought it would make a great blog to show all of you how to make these yourself and what to include in them. You can tweak them accordingly and add/replace items that cater to your preferences but if you follow our recommendations, you will make the most fabulous Hen Party Bags. Also, if your the maid of honour, these bags will be perfect for you to give to your Bride and the rest of the Hen squad. 

1. Personalised Brown Paper Bag
Although the bags are literally just to hold the contents in, personalising them with bows, glitter, ribbon or name tags, the Bride's name or hen party slogans will be a fun way of adding excitement and reiterating that you are on a hen do. You can buy small brown paper bags from ASDA stores and any leading craft/home stores. 

Now you have sorted out your actual bags, you can now choose which contents you are going to fill the bags with. How exciting!! This is the stage where you can let your mind run wild with fun, exciting or daring items to fill the bags with. Below we have put together some must haves.. Remember, you can add/replace items with funnier, different or more preferred items. 

2. Drinking Games
Inside your bag, find the perfect drinking game cards for your squad of Hen's and either buy or create them yourself. Drinking games are the perfect opportunity to start off your night by getting tipsy and having lots of fun. 

3. Mints/sweets
No party bag is complete without some sweets to snack on through the night. Also, after eating and drinking all day your Hen's won't be able to thank you enough for supplying them with some mints. Also, we love the idea of these wedding puns 'mint to be' with the bride and groom to be's names on them.

4. Pant Game
After finding this game on Pinterest, we couldn't wait to share it with you all. Prior to the hen do, give all of the hen's one of these cards. All of the women have to go out and buy a pair of knickers that best describes themselves and then it's unto the bride to guess which pants belong to which hen. Get all of the ladies swap around with each other and put a different pair into their hen bag and let the Bride's guessing commence. 

5. Tattoo
We are obsessed with these gold stick on tattoos! Instead of getting the bridal party to wear badges, get everyone to stick these tattoos on and add a bit of glamour to the evening. 

6. Alcohol
You can't have a Hen Part Bag without some alcohol. These mini Prosecco bottles are the perfect size as well. We suggest to add a straw to them, tie them with some fancy ribbon and add a name tag/funny slogan to them. You can replace the prosecco with Gin, Wine or Vodka... 

7. Hangover Kit
Complete your bag with a hangover kit, because don't pretend that your Hen's won't need one for the morning after. Fill these kits with headache tablets, something sweet, some plasters for the blisters caused from high heels and perhaps a bottle of water!

Flowers of Hope

Flowers of Hope are suppliers of Artificial flower bouquets based in Barnsley, South Yorkshire on 9 Doncaster Road.

All the bouquets have names to help you remember which one is your favourite. They are all made up with over 5 feature flowers including roses and hydrangea, thistles and berries. The perfect combination of glamour and wildflower... #theshelly has already been sold so purchase soon to avoid disappointment. 

THEMOLLIE: £40 vase included

THEBEKI: £37 vase included

THEMEGAN: £35 vase included

THEJANE: £37 vase included 

THECHEVAUNE: £25 vase included

Wedding Ideas

We've been searching the internet for as much #weddinginspiration as possible to feature in our blogs for all of you, and after finding these amazing little wedding ideas, we couldn't wait to share them!

It's finishing touches that both yourself, your partner and your guests will remember... So why not have some fun with our ideas and interpret them into your wedding in your own way.

1. Anniversary Message:
How gorgeous is this idea below; leave the photo frame, paper and jar on a table and let all of your guests write a little message to you and your partner (you may want this instead of a guest book). Take the jar home with you and leave it unopened for a full year. Then on your 1st wedding anniversary, open the jar and read all the messages that your loved ones wrote for you and reminisce your wedding day all over again. You could then make this a tradition, so every anniversary you and your partner re-read all of the messages!!

2. Hangover Kits:
We are loving these little hangover packages with the famous wedding saying 'in sickness and in health'. What's a wedding without lots of dancing and lots of alcohol; keep your guests hydrated and for those guests who maybe drink a little too much and suddenly become very ill (completely self inflicted) have your paracetamols on hand to cure those headaches and sickness bugs that seem to be going round (hehe).

3. Wedding Favours:
How cute are these little sweet ideas to give to your guests. Give the girls something sweet, and the guys some nuts and leave them on their tables next to their name tags. These will make the perfect wedding favours.

4. Bucket List:
Every couple has a bucket list, a list of things that they intend or dream to do together over the duration of their lives. Whether it's a holiday, an activity or a big move... Everyone loves to dream.We think that having your guests write you and your parter lists of things to do together throughout your life is so romantic. Your fate is in the hands of your guests, and how fun and surprising will it be to sit back and read through the activities that your loved ones want you to do together throughout your life spent as a happy couple.

5. Blankets
We've seen this literally everywhere but we can't help but lust over how brill it actually is; especially if your wedding is outdoors! Even if your wedding venue is inside, people will always venture out for air and we think this is a great gesture! This way, people can stay outside for as long as they desire without having to rush back in because they're too cold. 

Wedding Hair

You might want to stick with your own hairdresser whom you know and trust for your special day, or you may want to find a totally different hair stylist who specialises in bridal hair. It's so important to find a hair stylist who can bring all your hair visions to life.

Most brides wear their hair up; it's tradition and many women love the idea of sticking to tradition especially on their wedding day. However, if you never wear your hair up or just in general prefer your hair when it's bouncy and flowing; there are so many stunning bridal hair ideas for wearing your hair down. If you don't feel comfortable with your hair pinned up or tied straight back, go for slick curls, messy waves or a half up half down style. Below we've put together some gorgeous bridal hair inspiration for you...

Always remember, you can style your hair with diamante clips, flowers or veils. 

Bridesmaid Dresses

Although you may plan in your head exactly how you envision your bridesmaids to look and what kind of dresses and colours you want them in; it doesn't always go that way.

You have to cater for all of your birdesmaids' style, size, shape and preferences and this can be a very difficult challenge. What one bridesmaid may love, another bridesmaid may feel completely uncomfortable in. This is why it is so important to create mood boards, find inspiration from social media and look at a wide range of different dresses; also speak to all of your bridesmaids and get ideas of what their ideal dress would be.

You also may want to consider if you're going to have all of your bridesmaids in the same dress, similar dresses or totally different dresses. 

We've put together some ideas that we love to help give you some inspiration that will hopefully aid you in your hunt for the perfect bridesmaid dresses.

Keep your bridesmaid dresses blush or neutral tones so they pop against your bridal gown without taking too much attention away. An important thing to consider is the price of the gowns; if you have 10 or more bridesmaids, you need to find a dress that not only every single bridesmaid will wear, but also that will fit in with the budget.

TIP: ASOS do some stunning bridesmaid dresses & are retailed at very affordable prices. Make sure you don't overlook high street stores for bridesmaid dresses, as they often do the most beautiful and fashionable dresses at a fraction of designer prices. 

This dress below is retailed at £55 on ASOS

These 'TFNC Wedding' bridesmaid dresses below are also sold on ASOS and start from £65 onwards...