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After our already very successful "Alice" cones we decided to extend our range to include NEW "Alice" Jars and envelopes.
Both the jars and envelopes are personalised with your names and the date plus a little message that reads...

"You were not late for a very important date"

Both are filled with our natural wedding confetti which is 100% biodegradable and dye free. You can chose up to 4 colours to have from our larkspur petals below. 
Our envelopes are enough for 1 guest each but our jars can be shared as they hold a little more. To purchase our cones please click on the picture of the cones above.

The qty on the button above is for one item only, the easiest and quickest way to buy the desired amount is to simply place 1 of either the jars or envelopes in your basket then at checkout simply change the qty to what you need, i.e. 88, your basket will then update and charge you for what you need. BOTH JARS AND ENVELOPES ARE ON THE BUTTON ABOVE

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The main ingredient ú11.20 per litre the confetti cone company
grey wedding confetti

Cotton candy ú11.20 per litre the confetti cone companyLavender ú11.20 per litre the confetti cone company

Mr Popular ú11.20 per litre the confetti cone companyPink paradise ú11.20 per litre the confetti cone company

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