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There are many petal companies out there so what makes us so popular? Well, a lot of those companies concentrate mainly on their confetti petals. Back in 2009 when we began "Confetti cones" that is exactly what we mainly concentrated on, our cones! The small finishing touches are the little things your guests notice and remember. We wanted to offer this to people but without it costing a fortune like a lot of personalisation products can cost. 
Years have passed and we have been lucky enough to build on this and we now can too offer beautiful biodegradable confetti petals along side of our personalised cones, where else can you get both of those things? We also have our "Whats your colour scheme" page which will help to give you any inspiration you many want for your choosen colour theme.
So what are you waiting for? Our website is like a sweet shop but only with confetti petals instead, so get looking around and create your own pick and mix of petals and cones!
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The confetti cone company has been supplying you with natural wedding confetti since 2009. We also have a huge range of personalised and vintage style confetti cones.
Our rose petals are all freeze dried and are a larger wedding petal, 1 litre will cover around 10 confetti cones. Our hydrangea petals are also a large freeze dried petal and 1 litre will cover around 10 wedding confetti cones. Our larkspur petals or delphiniums as some people call them are a smaller wedding petal and are naturally dried petals. 1 litre will also cover 10 confetti cones for your wedding. We have many colours of petals available, for example, red, pink, green, blue, yellow, champagne, ivory, purple, burgundy, pale pink and even orange. We usually suggest that you provide for half of your wedding guests as not everyone throws the confetti petals. 20-30 cones or 2-3 litres is a good amount to create a fantastic confetti petal moment photograph that everyone will remember. We have many personalised and vintage style confetti cones available using many fonts to suite your theme, we have gatzby style confetti cones, alice in wonderland style confetti cones, pretty vintage country style themed confetti cones, newspaper confetti cones that have a photo of you printed on in the style of the wedding times newspaper. We have striped confetti cones, love bird confetti cones, wedding cones that say your new surname on and our favourite hooray wedding cone which reads “when ?? and ?? walk this way, toss the petals and shout hooray”.
We have been designing bespoke confetti cones for many years and pride ourselves in being different from the rest of the companies out there but making sure the price is still within your wedding budget. Creating a petal confetti moment shouldn’t have to cost hundreds of pounds, we can help you capture it in under £50. All our wedding cones are made from hammered and kraft paper. We also have many other mixers of petals , we have our top five wedding petal mixers which are very popular including, highland petal mix, spring meadow and pink champagne wedding confetti has never been so much fun on our site. Why not visit our mixing bowl page where you can pick your own mixers of rose, hydrangea and larkspur delphinium petals to make your own unique mix of wedding natural confetti. All our natural wedding confetti is 100% biodegradable and dye free so will not run on your dress! Visit our freeze dried rose petal page and see all our biodegradable petals in our quirky colours such as, roses are red petals, pink marzipan wedding petals, sunshine yellow rose petals, shiraz natural wedding petals and plain ivory rose petal confetti. Or see our hydrangea page biodegradable confetti page and see colours like, ocean blue wedding confetti or snowdrop white natural confetti and our apple blossom green natural wedding confetti is amazing! We also have many ways of displaying your natural biodegradable wedding confetti. Take a look at our extras page for our baskets for confetti, trugs to display your confetti cones and our popular white confetti cone stands that hold up to 20 confetti cones and look great when filled with our natural wedding confetti that is 100% biodegradable and dye free. To see all our feedback please see our testimonials page and you can see what other people think to our natural wedding confetti and confetti cones. We also have popular facebook pages and twitter groups. Not sure what colour theme to go with? See our whats your colour theme page in connection with our pinterest page where weve put together some of the best and most popular wedding themes and our selection of natural wedding confetti and confetti cones.